I recently deployed statsd and graphite after reading through etsy’s blog post measure anything, measure everything. Finally, I found django-statsd (pypi package is actually django-statsd-mozilla) for some quick and easy integration with Django. However, I was unable to find a way to easily monitor common unix OS information like iostat, mpstat and vmstat for instance.

So I set out to write something simple to do it and created statsd-ostools as a result. At the moment, it really only supports linux’s iostat, mpstat, and vmstat, but I plan to add support for other platforms in the future.

So take a look at statsd-ostools and let me know what you think. And/or install it via pip or easy_install:

easy_install http://pypi.python.org/pypi/statsd-ostools
pip install http://pypi.python.org/pypi/statsd-ostools

statsd-ostools is written in python and only depends on setproctitle and statsd so use it on any of your linux servers to monitor them.

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